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Welcome to The Limes Residential Care Home Located In Henlow, Bedfordshire

Under the new management The Limes is now presented with newly furbished bedroom, bathroom, dining room, movie theatre, nail bar, new kitchen, new hallway and endless new and innovative changes for the best care to be provided.

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Twenty-eight individuals can be accommodated in 28 rooms at The Limes Residential Care Home in Henlow, Bedfordshire. It is a residence made for folks who enjoy the cosiness and homely atmosphere of a smaller care facility.

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Residential Care

Familiar comfort: aging well in your own home.

Respite Care

Time to recharge, love to share: Relievers for weary caregivers.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care

Gentle hands, fading light.

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Elderly Care

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The Limes is deeply devoted to our residents' well-being. We provide personalised care plans, nurturing a warm and inclusive environment where residents feel valued and cherished. Our compassionate staff goes the extra mile, ensuring their comfort, happiness, and overall quality of life are our top priorities.

Expert Carers

Their expertise is a symphony of knowledge, compassion, and dedication.

24/7 Support

Rest assured, your loved one is safe and cared for, day and night.

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      • Personal care:¬†Assistance with bathing, dressing,¬†¬†toileting, and other daily activities.
      • Companionship: Social interaction, ¬†conversation, ¬†and activities to¬† combat loneliness.
      • Skilled nursing:¬†Medical care by licensed nurses,¬†including medication management and wound care.
              Who benefits from home care?
                • People recovering from surgery or illness.
                • Seniors who need assistance with daily living but want to stay independent.
                • Individuals with disabilities or chronic conditions.
                • People facing terminal illness and requiring hospice care.

                    Costs vary depending on the level of care needed, frequency of visits, location, and provider. Medicare and some private insurance plans cover certain home care services. Explore financial assistance options if needed.

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