Nail Bar

Our Nail Bar Service

Our newly done nail bar was an excellent addition for our residents to get their manicure to be done.

Services We Provide

Bringing the pampering of a nail bar directly to clients' doorsteps is the essence of home care nail services. It's about transforming bedrooms and living rooms into mini sanctuaries of self-care, where a skilled nail technician works magic on fingertips and toes, fostering not just beauty but also well-being and connection. Here's a closer look at the services you will be offered:

  • Manicures and pedicures
  • Foot soaks and massages
  • Exfoliation and hand/foot masks
  • Nail art and embellishments
  • Special occasion styling
  • Accessibility and comfort

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

Classic and French manicures and pedicures, gel and acrylic applications, soothing foot soaks and massages, exfoliating treatments, hand and foot masks, dazzling nail art, and even special occasion nail styling.

Of course! We have a wide range of colors and designs to spark your creativity. Whether you prefer classic elegance or playful glitter, your wish is our command.

    Absolutely! We come equipped with sterilized tools, high-quality products, and everything needed to create a mini nail sanctuary in your home.